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Risks of Falling

Over the weekend, this 74 year old adult male took a tumble.  Walking our 3 dogs along a familiar sidewalk, I tripped on a protruding sidewalk seam and went face down, experiencing a chin gash requiring a few stitches, a fractured right arm, abrasions on my knees not to mention the embarrassment that accompanied all of this.

With Sharon attending the dogs and trying to assist me, a young man, accompanied by his spouse and child, stopped to offer assistance, pick me up off the sidewalk and took me home less than a block away.

We made our way to the nearest Urgent Care Center, where two highly competent women attended me, took care of the immediate needs, did an x ray revealing my fractured arm, near the elbow, and assured us that none of the injuries had been life threatening.

While there was never any question about that, what is telling in this account is the people who surrounded and attended me. They were all focused on my need, on assisting Sharon, on doing what they could to put me back together.

One was a young man from a nearby Indian Reservation.  Two were Caucasian females.   We did not check out each others’ politics while this small drama played out.

Random Acts of Kindness

Rescues require quick response, not long and tedious deliberation.  Rescuers must be willing to put themselves in a situation of helpfulness, not considering all the implications. Three cars passed before the one carrying my rescuer stopped.  We can’t know why the others were reluctant, and will not impugn them or shake a finger at them.  Maybe a poll taker would conclude that in similar situations, one out of four respond caringly.

In any case, this fourth “Samaritan” chose to stop, help, and refuse any financial compensation. He didn’t stop to be paid.  He just stopped because he saw someone in trouble.  He stopped because he recognized need.  He stopped because he was a burly, strong young man who knew how to be helpful in the face of a situation requiring it.

Experiencing grace is a gift beyond price. My spouse offered it, because that is what a loving spouse does.  The two aides offered it because that is what they do every day.  The young man did it because he is that kind of person, responsive to human need.  Maybe, it is his nature, taught by sensitive parents.  Maybe, he followed his instincts, good ones that good people carry wherever they go.

Whatever his motivation, I am glad he was there.  He demonstrated what is good  and right and pure.  He offered grace and gave succor in the face of need.  He was an example of how goodness and kindness can guide us in those situations where they are most needed.

To all of us, the moral is, “go and do thou likewise.”


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