Seniors: Facing the Big Questions

Mar 24th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

When Baby Boomers turn 50, you are eligible to join AARP.  In addition, that hallmark birthday needs to bring to the front burner a host of questions and the will to search out their answers.  Ignoring  the questions will not assist your ability to cope with them, when eventually you will be required to deal with them.

Here they are.  Write them down.  Save this article.  Keep ahead of the curve.

  • How often should I check on my financial and estate assets? 
  • Is an annual physical absolutely necessary?
  • When will it be necessary to give up driving?
  • Should I consider moving away from my large residence to a smaller accomodation?
  • If there is conflict in my marriage, how should I/we go about addressing it?
  • If I am overweight and diabetic, how should I begin dealing with that?
  • My vision is deterioriating, should I fear glaucoma or a serious eye issue?
  • If Social Security is reduced, will I/we be affected?
  • What about Medicare, can seniors get along without it?
  • Is the national debt a threat to my own financial security?
  • Is it a good idea to continue to provide for our adut children in this economy?

These are just starters and definitely not all-inclusive.  There are numerous others, proliferating by the day. Give a few of them a try by writing out, typing out, discussing your own ideas for addressing these concerns.  Talk with trusted family and friends about these questions and your unique responses.  Build some ‘what if’ scenarios.  Work out solutions that you think are practical and doable.

The importances of beginning to talk about serious, life-impacting issues cannot be overstated.  You may be one of the lucky seniors who has done this all your life.  Most of us haven’t.  So now is the time to get started facing tough questions.

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