Seniors: Expecting Good Things

Jul 14th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

There is really nothing afoul about expecting good things to happen in one’s life. We spend quite enough time in fear of the bad, that expecting the good deserves at least half a chance to capture our attention and intentions. We aren’t saying here that just anticipating produces good things, e.g. winning the lottery. I have always expected to win, but never buy a ticket. Isn’t there something wrong with that reasoning?

Expecting good things means that the likelihood is nearly as good, maybe even equally as good, to have something positive happen as something negative. Dwelling on the latter seems to be a sure guarantee for predictable results. Some of us long for and remember Al Capp’s character in his L’il Abner comic strip of years ago. He always went around with a dark cloud hanging over his head. Enough said.

We recently enjoyed a holiday to a place we had never been, staying in accommodations that weren’t five star, but enjoying every minute of our peace, explorations, shared time with friends and just hanging out. That is expecting good things. And, you know what?  Every day was filled with good things.

Returning home, ready for the oppressive heat now languishing across the south and southwest and elsewhere, we are still in the mode of expecting good things. Rain came, in buckets, while we were away. It will come again. I don’t pray for rain, that’s a natural phenomenon; I expect rain will come. And, when it does, we will be rewarded with its life replenishing goodness.

When we reconnect with friends and family, expecting good things almost assures that that is exactly what will happen. When we plan our days so that enriching, growing, nurturing experiences will come out of them, walla!  That is exactly what happens.

There is enough abroad these days to contribute to our having not so good days. That’s the choice we have. Focusing on the terrible will contribute to the terrible. Our cousin has been waging his own campaign against cancer since last fall. He has the most upbeat, humorous, happy go “I have had a good life” attitude I have ever seen. Every day, he expects good things. So do we for him, and for us as we share in the synergy of his living.

Every time you sense a stall, restart your positive engine, generate happiness and laughter and satisfaction in and with your life. Get as many hybrid miles out of yourself as you can before needing to refill the tank. The road is out there, with vistas of beautiful happenings. Go see what you can find!

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