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Thankfulness for Thanksgiving

Today comes as a favorite holiday for many of us. There are only three major interruptions to its flow: the Macy’s Day parade, subtly kicking off the Christmas season, a huge, ginormous meal, and football.  Much to the chagrin of some, as depicted so well in the movie “The Blind Side,” the Thanksgiving meal should not be interrupted by football.  This is a day when, unlike so many others, everyone should gather at table, murmur a solicitous and generous prayer of thanksgiving, enjoy the presence of all gathered, and indulge until you can eat no more.

This is a time for good cooks to show off, best manners to be observed, thoughtful compliments given, and kind words said and shared by all.  This is a time to be old fashioned.  To allow for the sense of family to prevail. To embrace everyone around the table and remember those who are not.  It is a time for hand holding and bussed cheeks, complete with lipstick on the cheek of the 8 and 10 year olds.  Its a time for a few “remember when” stories, a time to allow Grampa to hold forth and Gramma to share how she came up with a totally perfect meal.

Thanksgiving is Family Time

It is also that time when the best punkin and pecan pies are introduced for the umpteenth year, with everyone exclaiming over how good they always are.

If someone who died in the last year is suddenly recalled, it is a time to mention their name, whisper a special prayer, and allow for a tear or two to fall.

And, if someone is absent from this table, but sitting somewhere in a far away land, serving in the US military, it is also time to hold hands as a group and pray for his or her safe return and soon.

It is not a time for rancor of any kind.  No politics.  No religion.  No controversy.  Nothing of any kind like that.  Just let it be a snapshot of the life of your family, gathered once again to enjoy the fruits of labor, the bounty of the well presented meal, the joy and affection of one another. That, dear friends, is a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving.

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