Seniors: Discovering and Sharing Contentment

Nov 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Reaching the stage when contentment is the predominant mood and disposition of every day is a huge achievement among seniors.  Contentment is a state of mind, being, body and soul when most days are full of calm, serenity and assured self confidence.

Arriving at the moment when contentment seems to flood over you and replaces the old frustrations, tensions and discord of previous life is a worthy undertaking. .  Encouraging that state of mind introduces what Joseph Campbell, the expert on mythology, describes as “finding your bliss.”  Bliss is  a state of mind.  Arriving there is the goal of reaching contentment. 

Where does it start?  How does one begin to sense that contentment is the primary motivation and sense of well being in one’s person?  How do you arrive at the place that more days are contented than not?  When contentment seems to ebb, how does one assist the flow to return?

We have two wonderful pets in our home.  They thoroughly enjoy each other, incite playfulness, create the joy of being as happy  as they are, and when they jump in our laps the settling contentment comes over them and us.

We have a study which we share.  Our desks face each other.  When we are busy at our desks, we often look across the desks and share a moment of contented affirmation and affection.

We have found that our isolated times together, doing nothing, joining in conversation, watching a movie, having a late afternoon cocktail serves to give us reinforcement time.  From that time emerges contentment. 

Problems come and go in a contented life.  The important thing is not to allow them longevity in their visits.  The essential rule is to “keep your sunny side up.” Life has enormous benefits as you grow older.  They depend a lot more on your imagination, initiative and ability to be self starting than was true when you were in the workaday world.  Time comes when the urgency and demand for you to create your own world day by day is necessary. While it is easy to slough off the assignment, it is necessary for health, mental and physical, to color one’s day with bright and wholesome hues. 

Illness is important to keep under control.  It can edge into contentment and push it aside.  Keep yourself playful, your mind stimulated, your plans exciting, your companionship rich.  Contentment is the product of all the good stuff you surround your self with.  Keep content.  Share the contentment.  Reap contentment.

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