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Senior Friendships Add to Longevity

If you have recently moved from a long time residence to an entirely different one, early on it will be critical, for your own satisfaction, to develop new and lasting friendships. Leaving persons behind who have meant much, for whom we have cared much, and whose absence in our lives will require initiative for replacement will be extremely important… both for companionship as well as for longevity. Research tells us that many factors contribute to longevity, including having a solid group of friends and positive thinking.

At church the other morning, I was glad to strike up a conversation with a long time member whose countenance seemed inviting.  Indeed it was.  The encounter was delicious, delightful and encouraging of future exchanges.  It will require taking initiative and being open to his doing so. I have seldom found a person who doesn’t have an interesting life story, an intriguing background, and a winsome way of drawing me in to their lives.

Even among people whom we encounter regularly, including family members, it is prudent to open doors and windows which will bring in the fresh air of a lasting acquaintance.  Imagine what is lost in those occasions when no one makes an initial move to approach another.  On an airplane, in an elevator, when intersecting in a store, standing on a corner, these are occasions when we have the opportunity to open some of those doors to another.  Imagine the satisfaction of sharing stories, discovering the unusual experiences of another, finding someone with whom you have so much in common.

Overcoming debilitating shyness can bring the reward of identifying someone who may turn out to be a long time friend.

Even encountering someone you have known casually can be expanded to discover what has happened in their lives and experience.  It can be like finding a new friend.

Nurture Senior Relationships

With the availability of such instant and frequent communication, carrying on a conversation via the Internet or Skype can be an unusual way for nurturing friendship.  It is NOT necessary to leave old friends completely behind. Making the intentional decision to do more than send a Christmas greeting to absent comrades can enrich the number and quality of people who mean much in your own life.

Once the occasion is offered it behooves us to cultivate and develop that friendship so it extends itself in all kinds of healthy directions.  Sometimes, in our life’s journey,  we find we need a friend who knows us well, and can help us through the valleys as well as reaching the hilltops.

Developing and sustaining friendships is part of having a healthy psyche. It takes energy, it requires effort, it insists upon reaching out.  Sure, anything that is worthwhile in living from day to day will press upon you the need for making connections. Having done so, the sparkle and luster of life will shine forth as the brightest star and the warming sun.


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