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Seniors Address Loss of Energy

If contributors to energy loss plague you seniors, it is time to seize the day and examine the reasons why.

Five years ago, and a little more, the sinister presence of cancer invaded my prostate.  The resulting strategy of complete, hands on, removal has meant that there has been no evidence of cancer since then.

A side effect of that surgery, however, has been the loss of testosterone, the spark that gives men energy and motivation to living. These years later have indicated to me that the medical community has taken notice.

Commercials proliferate promoting a wide variety of testosterone medications. They also come with attached warnings.  These commercials advertising testosterone, I can attest, must be taken seriously. In my recent annual check up, the oncologist recommended, when asked about adding testosterone to my treatment. “not now, perhaps not ever.”

While cancer-clear for over 5 years, it is possible that lurking somewhere is that insidious evil preparing to worm its way into some vulnerable cell, transforming absence into presence.

Trust me, it’s not worth it.  Missing the activity level of pre-cancer is a given.  However, my physician reminds me that my Stage IV cancer, with a number 9 on the Gleason scale, would have meant dying a premature ugly and painful death had it not been removed.

Educate Yourself and Resist Shortcut

Short cuts to energy, temptations to risk testosterone, at least for me, are just not worth it. There will need to be, for the rest of my life, other tactics for defying energy loss.

An annual PSA test is recommended. A close watch for signs of cancer that may be emerging is prudent.  A discipline for continuing to maintain a sensitivity to the possibility of contracting prostate cancer is the better part of wisdom.

No matter that Prostate Cancer may be, and usually is, slow growing, unless you are in advanced years, it still needs to be on the alert list. Delaying periodic check ups, while deemed unnecessary by some, is just not smart.  A man who is suddenly diagnosed with Prostate Cancer can avoid its spread and threat by acting quickly.  Flirting with the odds can be risky and dangerous.

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