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Senior Citizen Healthy Living

There really is no such thing as days with nothing to do.  It is, after all, our choice how we wish to spend our time.  One of the perks of retirement is being able to do what you want to do, all circumstances and situations cooperating.  That isn’t always the case.  However, retirement grants the opportunity  to mold and make one’s days into a gift of being able to do and enjoy day to day existence, which ultimately leads to healthy living. Existence is really a too limiting word.  Finding pleasure and satisfaction in day to day joy of living is the consummate goal.  Being able to get into it, stir it up and come up with a fully baked favorite day every day is our desire and inspiration every 24 hours.

Short of that,  life becomes a drudgery.  And that, dear friend, is an undesirable state to live in.  There are too many taxes imposed on one who lives in such a state.  One is met with too many penalties and fines, too many rules and restrictions, too many disappointments and regrets.  Pack up your cares and woes and get out of there, now, right away!

Critical Concern for the Unemployed

However, there is another kind of ‘nothing to do’ situation that demands our attention. Days with nothing to do can haunt and discourage, depress and pull down even the best of us, retired or not.  Days with nothing to do can drain and empty our best skills, our most well developed strengths, our ability to stand up to that which would pull us under.

And that is what’s happening with unemployed people today.  It can be no fun, no fun at all, to look for a job everyday and to be told “sorry, no vacancy.”  How does a person buoy up his spirit in the face of so much that takes the air out of us, that limits our positive inclinations, that overtakes our determination?

Much of our identity, before retirement, comes with what we do, how we are are identified, what job we have, how much respect we gain from it, self and otherwise.   We need that, even after retirement.  And those, pre-retirement, surely need it.

Everything, anything that can be done to assist persons having a sense of self worth, making a contribution, giving instead of taking needs to be done.  Cutting the means by which persons lose self esteem, have no way to support themselves and family can’t be good for our country.  The “just get a job” mantra applies when there are jobs to be had.  It is an insensitive and insulting affront when people do their best and still get no where.  It is time we all pulled together to help each other to feel good about ourselves and to be able to enjoy an occasional day when we choose to have nothing to do.

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