Seniors: Creating Warmth and Welcome In Your Home

Mar 30th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The past year has brought a large variety of visitors to our home.  We have been host to realtors and their clients making tours of our home in anticipation of a possible purchase.  We were honored to care for my cousin who was here for a full month, during his recovery from cancer surgery.  During that time, more than 100 local friends called on him, offereing their support and care. 

Many of those who were in our home commented on its warmth and welcome feeling as they made their way through the house.  The house has personality and personality encourages persons wishing to see it all.

Lighting, placement of items which contribute to warmth, e.g. books, collectables, antique conversation pieces, a fire in the fireplace, weather permitting, are all means for creating a sense of invitation.The feeling one gets, as described by one visitor at a party sometime ago, is that in just walking up to the house, its design suggests it is putting its arms around you.  Already the welcome has been extended before even opening the front door.

There is no heavy lifting to hosting a small party or even a group of 100 or more when the house itself does so much of the work.  Arrangement of chairs and sofas to encourage intimate conversation, nearby tables to accomodate bar glasses, coffee cups or small hors d ‘oeuvres plates.

Candles add to the glow of the room.  They also provide an aroma that leaves the open spaces smelling of outdoor charms.  Splashes of color in table pieces, art work on the walls, and carpet lend an air of comfort and elegance.  As a room is arranged, keeping in mind, comfort and views a guest will enjoy makes it pleasant to find a spot to relax and claim one’s space for the visit. 

The focus in one’s house needs to be personal and universal.  It speaks of life and how it is lived.  Photographs of family, souvenirs of places lived, trips taken contribute to the ambience of a home and the joy of living in it.  A visitor feels “at home” in our home because we have sought to make the environment one that offers that.  Doing so in your own home means making it unique and special to everyone who drops in.

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