Seniors: Contentment is a State of Mind

Mar 15th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Some, as they age, seem to develop wanderlust.  Moving from one place to another with frequency, it is as if they are looking for their Xanadu.  William Randolph Hearst spent millions trying to create his.  Others, call a moving van and move across town, or to another state or country.  Forever searching, they look for somewhere that may be more serene, better,  and peaceful. 

But, having arrived, these nomads seem to find that they were in error.  They discover that they brought along their own discontent, packed in and among everything else they thought they might need.  But, it is precisely that discontent that cranks up the search engines again.  Ere long the unsettling passion for another ideal place to live is stirred.

I had an aunt and uncle who, before their deaths, seemed to move every few years. From city to farm, small town to big, they would almost no more than plant their roots, that it would have been better to have planted them in pots, and they were on their way.  Off they wandered, out there to another place, offering new vistas, and a cure for their lust. 

Maybe that’s an okay way to spend your later years.  Maybe, packing and repacking is a way to keep busy and occupied.  Maybe hoping that the next adventure will be even more intriguing than this one or the last one.  Maybe some find contentment in being on the go, at the ready. 

Finally, however, contentment is a state of mind.  The Dalai Lama recently posted this on his Facebook page,

“It is clear that inner peace is the principal cause of happiness. We can observe this in our daily lives. On days when we are calm and happy, even if difficulties arise or we fall victim to a mishap, we take it well, it doesn’t bother us unduly. But on days when we feel sad or have lost our usual calmness, the least little annoyance will take on enormous proportions and be deeply upsetting to us.

Inner peace is what leads to happiness and contentment.  It does not fly under a flag. It does not have a chamber of commerce motto.  It isn’t always met with the best climate or scenery.  It just is.

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