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Moving Advice for Senior Citizens

If you are retired or soon to be and considering moving again perhaps close examination of the idea begs your attention.

One of the most disruptive experiences in anyone’s life involves moving, relocating, changing  life’s routines on almost everything, including where you keep your toothbrush.

No matter your tendency to be obsessive-compulsive, no amount of organization and attempts to reduce the outright agony of making a move, will be possible.  If you are faced with heavy moving, that is in terms of emotions, physical demands, uncertainty about the wisdom of doing so, careful examination of your decision is of major import.

In our recent “last move,” we discovered many fissures in the undertaking of such a dramatic life shift.  Some of those are obvious, others subtle, and others invisible, until you are in the middle of the process.

Weighing the rationale for moving or staying put is a first requirement.  Such cerebral exercise should take as long as you need.  This may even mean coming out on the other side and changing your mind.

Here are some of the considerations worth your thought, time and energy.  Before packing one box, before signing anything, before choosing another place to live, these issues should merit full and complete inspection.

Tips for Moving in Retirement

First, why do I/we want to move?   Allow this one to take as much time as necessary, for it will drive all others.

Second, how will you respond to having a For Sale sign in front of your present home?

Third, are you ready for interlopers to invade your space and examine your place of peace?

Fourth, have you considered all the economic implications of moving, both for staying where you are and for moving to another home?

Fifth, how prepared are you to downsize?  This means choosing those items that you will completely dispose of.

Sixth, are you in a place where you can take on all the physical demands of packing, long distance, if that is in the cards, relocation, and the emotional load of leaving one home for another?

Seventh, does the idea of moving interrupt your sleep, affect your attitude, and disturb your routine so much that you are in a state of stress?

Eighth, how are you with letting your current lifestyle go and adopting another?

Ninth, can you imagine yourself in that new setting?

Tenth, do you need extra time to work out all the potential kinks in choosing to move?

If the answer to number 10 is an unqualified yes, then take the time, because the move, once undertaken, is final.

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