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Emotional Issues of Aging

Because life is so full of change, often it meets seniors with being in the doldrums and having to deal with depression. These are the enemies of aging.  They rear their heads and strike out at us until they have seemed to conquer us.

Depression is an insidious problem for older persons.  Life seems not to have the charm and luster of earlier days.  Troubles and problems and despair seem to attach themselves to us much like leeches in tropical waters.  Sorting out meaning to life takes enormous energy, willingness to fight back at the negatives.

If health issues seem so prevalent that they weigh us down further, then all the more the presence of depression seems prevalent.

The question becomes how does one hold back the onslaught of down pulling influences.  How does one cope with those fitful bouts of depression that would steal the very things that make life worth living?

If/when/as one grows older and the difficulties of keeping one’s spirit going increase, how does one find the energy and the stamina and the willingness to hold back the flood of difficulties that challenge us?

The Challenge of Being Positive

Erma Bombeck said aging is not for sissies.  Indeed.  When weight loss takes over and maladies multiply, one discovers that quality of life slips as well. It is then that, with courage and hutzpah, one must find the means to hold back the flood of aging issues that would submerge us in its wake.

How to do that is what draws our willingness and determination.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Notice above, how much emphasis is placed on the negative before arriving at ways to deal with them.  Reverse the trend.
  • Having identified the negatives, begin replacing with positives. Think about the uplifting messages to send your body and spirit.
  • Early morning habits need to be examined and adjusted so that start of day has more appeal and readiness for a good day.
  • If health issues are prevalent, begin an exercise regimen to offer distractions.
  • If a cloud seems to hang over you, chase it away with happy thoughts, good feelings and expansive ideas for goodness.
  • Spend time contemplating the good things of your life; pleasant memories offer reason for pleasant behavior.
  • Health is such a huge part of our lives, that finding means for keeping it in excellent shape needs to be our focus.
  • Responding to the encouragement of a companion/friend likely will improve our own disposition.
  • Considering others is a very worthwhile way to be aware that your needs and issues are probably not as great as theirs.
  • Avoiding the input of too much negative influence will mean you are attempting to replace the factors with “stuff” and “junk” that you don’t need in your life.
  • When it rains, watch the drops fall and the rainbow form.  Good comes out of everything and leaves us better than before.
  • Listen to uplifting melodies, make a rhythm of your step as you take a wholesome walk, lend yourself to the spirit of friendliness greeting everyone you pass.

At day’s end, recognize how good it has been.  Prepare yourself for a rest of peace. Let the joy of the day settle over your soul, until only the pleasantness and pleasure of the day is left.  Sleep the sleep of contentment.  Ready yourself to awaken to grace.  Be happy.


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