Seniors: Comfortable and Secure

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If you are one of the diminishing number of the senior citizen middle class who has been comfortable and secure, maybe its time to evaluate what that means in today’s ever dynamic world.

While passing through the productive earning years it was not always a matter of daily thought that we were preparing for a comfortable and secure retirement. Once in a while, when outside forces seemed to nudge us, we would evaluate where we were and quickly return to the agendas at hand.

Having been retired for more than a dozen years, we have been able to be quite comfortable and secure. This has come about from careful and prudent planning, generosity of family, hard work on our own part, family who have been able, for the most part, to take care of themselves, and some good luck along the way.

Sympathy extends to those whose personal circumstances, influenced by changing and disruptive times, are not so fortunate. Comfortable and secure is not guaranteed. It appears to be increasingly less so. A major ideological shift is occurring in which many will not accrue the benefits they thought they were working hard to earn.

Right now, those who are just retiring, live with the promise (perhaps illusion) of a safety net with social security and medicare. Those in the future are not sure. They may be sold more snake oil and less qualified medical care and coverage. Being comfortable and secure, right now, holds no promise that that will continue to be the case.

Comfortable and secure is a state of being. It is one best enjoyed when most shared. Others are as deserving as we feel we have been to experience the satisfaction of an earned retirement. Others, like us, need to discover the satisfaction of helping friends and family to be a part of this piece of the American Dream. Expanding one’s appreciation of a world in which more are able to have much and to be clear what it takes, socially, politically, ethically to help make it happen is ours to initiate.

So to us all, let us commit to enlarging our circle of those who deserve a chance to be comfortable and secure.

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