Seniors: Clutter, Stutter, or Mutter

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Okay, guys and girls here we are at the virtual end of summer and the beginning of fall.  Time to get into the routine to make decisions for the last quarter of this tenth year of the first decade of 2000. Let’s look at the three stooges who try to trick us to use our time and energy as we launch into the closing quarter of this rapidly passing year.

First, let’s get at the clutter.  What are we going to choose to rid our lives of before the clutter multiplies any further?  There are so many places to start.  Garage, Basement, Study, filled with unread magazines, solicitation mail that should have been tossed upon receiving.  But wait, we are getting ahead of ourselves.  What about the clutter of the mind.  That is the big one.  If you began the day by turning on either a radio, televsion or computer, then the first consideration is WHY?  The clutter has been going on all night and lurks in wait for us, just as soon as we touch that dial or push that button or call forth from the deep all the wicked and troubling and quarrelsome events and episodes happening in our world right now.

Maybe the best thing to do is to quickly turn off any of those appliances.  Don’t click on to your IPOd, etc.  Let the world wait just a little while until you have allowed some peace of mind and tranquility of spirit to take hold.  Just as you might clean out that garage or basement, be sure the corridors of your mind aren’t blocked with unnecessary debris and garbage.  You will have a better day for it.

If you find yourself stuttering at first light, perhaps it is because you are unclear what your daly holds and what your next choices will be.  It may be an  indication of your uncertainty as where to start first, how to get over that very first decision that will launch your day into its inevitable variety of choices and outcomes.  Stuttering around about it will only affect the quality of what you choose to do with today’s 24 hours.  If you are not one to be tossed hither and yon by whatever, then you will need to focus and to settle your mind on the object of your desires for today.  Clutter and stutter are twins.  They set you up to delay and rationalize.  Try one more time to get yourself in a mode and mood which allows for you to be in charge of your day.

Perhaps you can mutter through.  Let me be the first, on your block, to testify that that won’t work either.  With these three choices, you really end up with none.  Muttering through, perhaps wishing for a signal instruction, perhaps divinely inspired, will only cause further frustration and delay.  It is so easy to take the road already tried too many mornings before.  It is so easy to give in to clutter, and stutter and mutter,  that trio of aggravatingly unproductive emotions and tempters who would help us waste another glorious day.  No matter our age, we seem to think, sometimes, that wastefully spending one more won’t matter.  But it does and it will. 

What can you do today to avoid the bidding that goes on for time and energy that is ultimately wasteful and insulting to who you are?  What can you do today to head off the clutter of your mind, the stutter of indecision in your voice, the mutter that simply avoids having to do anything about anything right now?  This is a good day to find out.   Before you are too far into it.  Trust clarity of mind and judgment, listen to your inner voice that gets straight to the point, and don’t give credence to mutterind and muddling your way through.  Today will be better for it and so will you.

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