Seniors: Choosing Between Inspiration and Exasperation

Mar 12th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

This is becoming more and more a struggle.  After more than 500 columns, my bucket is beginning to drop to dangerous levels.  I await inspiration, but increasingly I am met with exasperation.  I read profusely, searching for that rare tidbit of unique insight.  There are so many writers out there that trying to be one who offers anything remotely unusual and provocative is an increasing challenge. 

Inspiration is difficult to rely on.  Sometimes it comes in bursts and volleys.  At others, the powder is wet and nothing fires.  Exasperation settles in and the mad search pokes in corners and niches and unassumed places.  Exasperation is like Katrina or Haiti, a disaster waiting to create more despair and not much hope. 

So, if like me, you are a writer or pursuing some other creative route, about the only advice that seems useful is to keep digging. Clear out the debris, remove the piles of junk and litter that occupy too much brain space.  Discard the rubbish that so distracts your finding the bits of treasure still lurking somewhere in a hidden corner of your mind.  Just one quick, fleeting, flash of imagination can unlock your ability to regenerate your own creativity.  Remove the locks that seem to have been placed on those private places.  Go through them with care and caution.   Who knows what may surprise you?

Inspiration is that element of surprise and serendipity that opens new doors, sweeps back the draperies, lets in new and brilliant sunlight.  If necessary, clean the windows of your perceptions. If necessary scrape away the residue.  Use elbow grease to get through the ugly layers of accumulated filth.  Let your better nature do the work.  Give permission to the hidden inspirations that lurk in those long ignored nooks and crannies. 

Inspiration is a far better resource to life’s pleasures great and small.  So spend your time in search of that inspiration which opens your world to ideas and wonders too long hidden.  Welcome inspiration to your clouded thoughts, clear away the haze, see through to the other side.  Inspiration will come.  And exasperation will be pushed aside.

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