Seniors Choose How to Make Christmas Real

Dec 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

As the poem suggests, Christmas is only a few short hours away.  It is not yet here, but the night before is inching its way, as it always does around this time, to that moment when the mystical magic of Christmas occurs. 

When it arrives, all the Santas will have met the wonderful expectations of childhood. By morning, on Christmas day, the miraculous wonders will all be laid out under the tree and the little elves, awaking from their  dreamy sleep, will be stirring in their beds, ready to experience the strange creations that it took only one night to produce. 

Soon voices will be shrill and eyes wide and the tearing of paper and the tossing of boxes will reveal just what has been created.  Is that favorite expected, wished for, anticipated request here?  Not yet, not opened, awaiting tucked there under the giant tree.  Santa remembered.  It’s here.  The very thing I hoped for, wished for, dreamed about.  Now it is mine.

Where does that wonderfully delicious innocence originate?  When does it fade away and disappear?  How is it that it comes so readily at  three or six or seven and then one day is gone forevermore?  Why can’t it always be that way?  The way of favorite Christmas songs and carols and poems and memories and joys and beliefs. 

When did we start choosing to be cynical about Christmas?  When did we decide it was only for kids?  When did the grown up idea of Christmas nudge everything else out? Why can’t the mystery and music of Christmas always make its way into our hearts and grown up souls and minds?  What do we have to do to recapture the scintillating excitement of a new, crisp, early Christmas morning? 

Why not this year?  Why not conjure up the naive  and wide eyed wonder of that season that allows childhood reign?  Why not admit that being an adult is better with a little bit of kid mixed in?  Why not choose for the most decorated, likely overrated and secularized occasion in a year, to be full of laughter and thrill and excitment and unmitigated joy?  Why not let it all go and feel the synergy and electric excitement of being very young again?   

Choosing how to make Christmas real means choosing to be free and wide open and ready to laugh and be full of the energy of love and giving and sharing and having the best time of your life.    Choosing how to make Christmas real offers the opportunity for letting go and opening up and breathing in and shouting as loudly as you can, with Ebenezer Scrooge, ” Merry Christmas.”

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