Seniors: Caring for Elderly Parents at Home

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What would you say if we told you a service was available to address non-critical needs of your elderly parents, in their own home, 24/7, relieving you of daily responsibility but keeping the door open for you to be as involved in their care as you can and/or want, costing $10 per hour or less?  Read on…

SCJ editors had opportunity to talk with Dustin Wright, General Manager of Rest Assured®; the full report of their conversation can be found on the SCJ Health Page.  Rest Assured® is a ground breaking service designed to help seniors remain in their homes and stay safe at the same time.   

Originally created for persons with disabilities, it didn’t take the design team long to add services for the elderly.  The system connects the senior with a caregiver using the latest wireless technology over the Internet.  Providing both security and freedom, Rest Assured® permits seniors to stay in their own home much longer than would otherwise be possible.

It almost sounds too good to be true.  But when we had a chance to talk with Wright a few days ago, we discovered just how many needs of the elderly are addressed in the packages of services. 

  • a non-intrusive video camera is installed in their home that permits observation and interaction with the elderly person(s), insuring their safety and maintaining a relationship unique to that of caregiver and client;
  • service plans are created based on client need and may include anything from simple observation and notifying a family member if any problems/issues/alerts occur to active support of the elderly client(s) in four hour blocks of time; family support is included in each service package
  • most significant, the elderly has opportunity to develop a relationship with a caregiver via the 2-way video screen, who is available on a daily basis for addressing needs identified in the service plan

The core of the program is the relationship between Caregiver and Client.  Their caregivers are the ‘best of the best’ in the field.  They create, maintain and foster the relationship they have with their clients, insuring the best possible care available, short of hands-on which can be provided when required.  Most of the clients already have a hands-on caretaker, helping them with whatever has been identified as their need–housekeeping, laundry, shopping, personal care, etc.  The Tele-Caregiver picks up the support needs monitoring for safety and providing an on-going supportive relationship.  Family can also participate in the daily communication with their 2-way screens and contact through the direct Internet connection to their parents’ home (software download is now available for immediate access to their parents’ home).

There are several packages of services available; the description of fees is based on contracted services.  Rest Assured® looks like an answer to some questions many of you have been asking.  Check it out!

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