Seniors: Can’t Stand the Heat

Jul 19th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Those warnings, flagging the seriousness of heat related issues for seniors, according to recent articles, are to be taken quite seriously.  Those who are older are not as resilient in dealing with extreme heat as we were when younger.  Heat, particularly extreme heat can be deadly.  It is nothing to ignore, as if we could with it topping out at three digits day after day in at least a third of the country.

Some communities are providing fans to those on limited incomes to reduce the siege of heat taking over one’s home.  In addition to what help comes from outside, here re some recommendations:

  • Stay inside during the heat of the day;
  • Forgo your daily walk; delay gardening work;
  • Drink plenty of water every day to ward off dehydration;
  • Prudence suggests that wearing light clothes, both in weight and color, is a good idea;
  • Prepare light meals;
  • Keep the temperature at below 80 degrees inside your home;
  • If you have pets, protect them inside your home.  This is common sense, but we all need occasional reminders.

In addition, SCJ suggests seniors across the country watch weather reports daily on television, in newspapers, or on the Internet or radio.  Weather reports will give us an idea every day what the temperature is going to be, and we will be better prepared to manage whatever the day brings if we have this information.  For example, if it is your habit to do your grocery shopping at 2PM on a day when the temperature will reach 105 at that time, it’s best to forgo that habit and do your grocery shopping at another time, or on another day.

During this season, when once again climate change is rearing its head, it is wise not to be a doubting Thomas and behave as if you are prepared to stand it down.  Doing so may find you lying down, looking up, and longing for a cold snap.

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