Seniors: Can We Start a New National Conversation?

Jul 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

With all hell breaking loose in just about any area of human interest and activity, can we as seniors, can we  somehow change the subject? Seniors, collectively, have an enormous stock pile of wisdom, experience, insight.  Most of the time, however, we are set upon to recreate, waste time, relax, focus only on us and our immediate gratifications.  Isn’t it time we cranked up some of the old parts and raced our engines toward something other than a Sunday afternoon drive? 

What is at stake here is our national integrity and survival.  It isn’t too complicated.  Our debt amounts to, depending on the information you trust, between $37,000,000,000, 000 and $184,000,000,000,000 , which comes to around $37,000 or $184,000 per American, man, woman and child.   By the way, those zeroes represent trillions.  Do we have your attention now?

The money keeps going out to rescue all kinds of industries, businesses, causes, political commitments, pork, other countries, war, and, I guess, pimples on teenagers. In the process, we are mesmerized by the grand funeral service of a pop star, the resignation of a governor made “gossip queen,” of a greedy culprit whose ponzi scheme created desperation for millions, of a governor who cheated on his wife, yet again, and of a plumber whose political skills were born by accident. 

Something deep in our souls seems to recognize that we are really in trouble.  It shows only occasional glimmers of hope.  Our deep insides expected more than this from our leadership then and now.  Infighting, grabbing for the microphone, decrying every solution because “it isn’t mine or ours,” drags us further into the morass.  If the cameras and reporters stayed away would it be worse, could it get better?  The problem with that is trust.  Turning our back can lead to more deception and secrets. 

I get a lot of urgings to be in touch with my congressman and Senator.  Fat lot of good that does.  I am a democrat.  They are republicans.  If they have ever voted my convictions I am unaware of it. 

So how do we crank up this new National Conversation?  Here are some suggestions.  I dare not call them insights.  However, I welcome yours to add to the list. 

Change the subject when you are in the presence of those who growl and groan about the same ol’ same ol.’

Point to healthy options available on the American scene;  ways to get involved in ecological (which, from the Greek means ‘home”) causes which help restore some hope for tomorrow.

Call your legislators into account.  Ask them the rationale for their positions.  Ask who are their principal supporters and lobbyists to whom they pay attention.

Write “a different point of view” in your daily paper, expressing opinions that aren’t pop and cliche.

Email friends about what’s happening and ask what they are doing to change the conversation.

Email corporations, tell them why you don’t buy their products or support their goals.

Turn off the television set.  Quit watching garbage and giving implicit support to junk.

Don’t buy National Enquirer, or watch or subscribe to those organizations that are always stirring the suspicious, negative pot. 

Is this enough yet?  If not, try a few of your own ideas for stimulating a new national conversation.  You probably have a hell of a lot more good ideas than the talking heads and the screaming mimis who blare their lungs so we can see their teeth on inane stuff all the time. 

Decide America is better than the negatives.  Choose to change the subject and the tempo and the mood.  Come on, seniors, let’s show America what we have left in us!  Happy 4th of July!

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