Seniors: Building Blocks for the Next Life Phase

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Seventy-two is not a bad age. It can be a very good age and time for persons who:

>are in reasonably good health.

>whose finances are relatively secure.

>whose life mate is well and happy.

>whose own life and world view is flexible and open.

>whose interests are numerous and stimulating.

Seventy-two is good. So is eighty-two and ninety-two if all these qualifications apply. But, if life is a downer it may be because adequate preparations weren’t made earlier. It may be that we skipped over, or tried to, some of the essential and manadtory placing of the building blocks that are required for healthy living as we age.

What do those include?

  • Taking time and care to attend to health issues,
  • dietary requirements,
  • an exercise program,
  • attitude adjustments as aging continues,
  • economic considerations as circumstances change,
  • broadening interests in life’s possibilities,
  • keeping ahead of the learning curve,
  • looking for new and exciting friendships,
  • listening and heeding your physician and other medical professionals,
  • keeping your home in order and your things from taking over,
  • listening to birdsong and dogs barking and beautiful music.

Building blocks aren’t all huge boulders needing major assistance for being put in place. They are ordinary, everyday things that simply require our attention and action on a regular recurring basis. Building blocks may need to be sized differently as we age. They may require some careful crafting to fit your needs. They may be heavier than you thought and require assistance for heavy lifting.

However you see yourself in the future will depend on choices made now, evaluations calculated, architectural considerations explored. Building who you want to be will necessitate your determining what it will take for your body, soul, spirit and whole person participating in bringing it together.

Life can be full of wonder and excitement and pleasure so long as life is continually updated, upgraded, uplifted. Decide what building blocks need to be put in place to assist your life structure to be stable, strong and ready for what comes next.

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