Seniors: Beware of Chicanery

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First of all, the word means “trickery” or “deception.”  Second, it is not a word often seen or heard, but it describes much of what we are getting in this early stage campaign rush to establish candidates for the presidency.  If you are lacking in adequate insight that this is so, it is time you read outside the circle of your ordinary information channels.

This is a tricky time.  Remember when that phrase was attached to Richard Nixon, i.e. “Tricky Dick.”  Remember the results.  Remember the shame.  Is it, could it be happening again?  Why not?

Carefully evaluating the backdrop, one is able to see how the staging of the play is being set up to enthrall us all with the clever machinations of those who have learned how to manipulate.

Creating a fervor of distrust, painting the scene of disaster, illustrating who the villains and demons are, arousing doubt, extolling the virtues of the new snake oils., these and more are being employed to stir up the people.

Trying to find a source of information, an objectivity, a means for truth is more and more difficult.  The heavier the competition gets, the more the efforts increase to convince us that truth, while elusive, comes packaged in so much deception that no one knows whom to trust.

Surely, radical means for problem solving may be required.  But those means, as in countries where fooling and tricking the people, have been used before may be tried again.  Sorting out who to trust and what approach to trust is a challenge requiring willingness to trust. If it smells like a dead fish, it probably is.  If it looks like a dead fish, it likely is.  If it tastes like a dead fish, you know it is.

So, watch out for chicanery.  It is an old and tried means for scaring us (especially senior citizens) and convincing us to follow blindly. Over and again flim-flam people have sought to sell us products with misleading labels.  Politics is no different.

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