Seniors: Being Everywhere

Jul 1st, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

It is quite possible to be almost everywhere these days.  What with wall to wall news coverage, face book, YouTube, an Internet that never sleeps, entertainment options (depending on how you define entertainment), shopping availability (depending on how you define shopping), educational and inspirational efforts and on and on.  The assortment is prodigious and overwhelming.  Sleep can be put off until another day or night.  Depending on your level of curiosity and inability at discipline,  you can literally be everywhere, well almost, at once.

This is the gift of our generations, those that exist within the framework of technological savvy and wonder.  Affording the gimmicks that make life quick and easy is, of course, a requirement.  But Facebook, for example, is credited with stirring the winds of revolution worldwide.  The outcome is yet to be clear.  But, at least, people with little are beginning to discover just how much of the world is out there listening and watching.

Availability to constant upheavals, natural and unnatural episodes, political fractures, worldwide dissension caused by unknown influences, all of these are here and now for us.  We can watch an eclipse, witness a tsunami, see the results of volcanic action, almost feel the shaking of an earthquake.  We can participate in the shame of people whose private lives become public.  We are met with products that we will never need, but advertisers tell us, should want.   We are pressed to make choices and decisions and, if we do it in the next three minutes, an additional bonus will come our way.

We can watch it while it is happening now or we can put it off until a more convenient time.  We can choose our heroes and villans with alacrity.  We can fast forward or put life on hold.  We can watch it on a big screen or an i-phone.  We can photograph what’s happening in front of us and see it immediately.  We are able to be in touch with anybody, anywhere.  We can hear their voice or text a silly message.  We can be in instant replay, even while the game goes on on the field. There is almost nothing we can’t see or have or be a part of right this minute.  Tornado trackers can bring the impending disaster to us, just before it strikes.

Is there anything that we can’t be or do or see or places we can’t go?  Are there impending events we could just as soon do without?  Is there any chance that the overwhelming presence of everything going on at once everywhere may be excused from our view, experience and hearing?

Being everywhere may be a 21st century phenomenon that is allowed, encouraged and permitted.  How capable we are to absorb and be absorbed by the incredible volume of episodic and constant interferences is another matter.  How much of life we want to give over to being everywhere depends upon how much we want to be present to ourselves, cultivating and enriching our own life, enabling our own choices to be in charge of our existence. Like a garden in spring, it is ours to nurture what has been planted and to harvest that which will give us genuine sustenance and growth as we choose where and who we want to be.

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