Seniors: Beginning Another Week

Sep 14th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

If Sunday is really the beginning of a new week, what does that say about Monday?  Friday, if it is the last day of the week, means that Saturday stands out there alone and isolated.  How do we clarify which day is for what?  Let’s try some suggestions.

Sunday is a good day to mark as the beginning of a week.  It often allows us to accumulate our thoughts about what may lie ahead.  It gives us a chance to reflect on the week past.  It denotes peace and rest and tranquility.  Taking advantage of a day that offers all of that sounds like a credible way to bring serenity and calm into one’s life. 

Monday has earned its reputation as “blue.”  It is the day when everything starts over.  Of course, if you are not in the work world, Mondays take on a whole new dimension.  They really don’t matter so much, because they are very much like every other week day.  If you are still employed, Monday may be a challenge and may offer the task of adjustments it requires.  In any event, give Monday a chance, otherwise it can become a wasted day, and as we get older, wasting days is a luxury we can’t really afford.

Tuesdays through Fridays, wherever you are in the spectrum of life, are made for stuff that has to be done.  That’s just the way it shakes out.  Appointments, errands, must dos all take place on these days.  If you use them wisely and plan them carefully, you will be able to squeeze in some things you really like to do and want to do.  Retirees have learned the lesson of maximizing these days because they don’t have to compete with those who push everything onto Saturdays. 

And now that we mention Saturday, it is really a bonus day.  It is that day when, if we have planned well, becomes an opportunity to take advantage of our frugal wisdom in planning and executing the rest of the week to our advantage.  It is a do anything you want to day.  It is a freebie.  It is especially a good day to putter at whatever you enjoying puttering.  It is that one day when sleeping in is forgiven and taking your own initiative is encouraged.  No appointments are made on this day.  Everybody who can closes shop early on Fridays.  You can do the same, just to get ready for Saturday.

Then, lo and behold you are back to Sunday again.  Was that the day that ends or begins the week.  Oh well, I’ve forgotten and I don’t really care because I’m one of those who takes advantage of days that end in “day.”

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