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Family Relationships Important to Seniors

One of the important considerations in maintaining appropriately healthy senior relationships is spreading your time among all the family. If you have a large family, that can present something of a challenge.  If smaller, it is easier, but nonetheless challenging.

These days with most of us living at far flung distances from one another, it becomes a serious undertaking to put together a sufficient number of days for a visit with one or another of our off spring or other family members.

Difficult, though it may be, it is highly important that the message be sent that you want to have and spend time with your family.  Keeping in touch, sharing the affection that years have developed, enjoying each other in the variety of venues available to families today are all ways to nurture and sustain a healthy and close knit family.

Getting Creative About Staying in Touch

When interferences, e.g. costs, health hindrances, and other interruptions prevent getting together, it is important to find means to compensate. Meet half way.  Find a satisfactory compromise that enables you to have special, reserved, set aside time with one another.  All of us know how rapidly our discretionary time runs by.  All of us are discouraged when too much time passes without our having had good, solid, enjoyable time together.  We must be intentional about planning family time together.

There are intermediary ways for being in touch today electronically.  If all else fails, rely on those.  Email, telephone, Skype, Facebook are popular with seniors and younger generations alike.  Don’t avoid these options just because they are not face-to-face.

Because time is the only commodity we can’t invest and have return a huge dividend of more extra time, find ways to spend time lavishly on those whom you love and deeply.  Let nothing detour or prevent that from happening.  Give yourself the command to be with the people whose lives are closer to you than all others.  Lavish upon each other the attention and affection they and you deserve.

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