Seniors: Arguing with Yourself

Sep 3rd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The inevitable has come and the arguments with it.  Should I go?  Should I forget it?  The 50th college reunion is now only two months away.  In that fifty years there has been minimum to limited contact with anyone directly or personally who had been a part of that class.  Now, the invitation is out to come back, to spend a day or two backslapping, trying to recognize, attempting to remember, and, of course, to maintain a polite demeanor throughout.  To be sure, any such occasion brings misgivings with it.  Of course, there will be moments of genuine glee at seeing one or more of those with whom some good memories were generated.  Overall, it will be a “nice” occasion and one that likely will stir more good thoughts and recollections than bad.  There will be some who won’t be there and haven’t checked back in since leaving those 50 years ago.  That will be too bad.  It is they that I would like most to see. 

But those who do come, will come with expectations of a momentary lift and a pleasureable encounter.  It is they to whom attention must be enthusiastically given, particularly those with whom closeness was not an ordinary experience.  Those of us with courage to go will need courage.  Some will wave their banners of success.  Others will stand aside, humbly watching.  Isn’t it a little late for banners?  Isn’t it time just to say it was my pleasure and joy to have known you when we were here together.  Bombast and inflated egos are for another place and time.  Not here, not now.  Each of us is, after all, fortunate to be able to accept the invitation.  Some won’t be here, because they are a part of the memorialized.  We will miss and wonder at what their life was like, hoping it was good. 

I want especially to see persons whom I remember as having made a difference in our time together those 50 years ago.  I want particularly to remind a few how, without their knowing it, they left an impression and a lasting impact on my life.  It is somewhat difficult to conjure up all those special moments, but, with nudging, they will come.  I want to find out all the good things I can that helped make life productive and full for those with whom I chat.  I want to be sure my dear spouse is included, for she was not a part of that experience then and there.  I will want my old friends to know my best friend and how she has made such a difference in my life.  I likewise will want to extend the courtesy of thoughtfulness to other classmates who have brought their spouses along from other schools and lands. 

This argument I am having with myself is mostly about being thoughtful and courteous, gracious and kind.  The impression we leave with will be the one we have for the rest of our lives.  Hopefully it will be a good one.

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