Seniors: Are You Smarter Than You Think?

Jun 11th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Is it likely that you are really smarter than you think?  Is it likely that with all the wild, misdirected craziness going on in our world today, you possess more insight, more credible, clear thought about what is really happpening all around you than you give credit to yourself?   I think so.  I think most of us in our senior years have more sane, clear, ready reading of what’s going on around us, than we really realize.  And, admitting that will help us live more deliberate, more serene, more lucid lives.  This mixed, up, crazy, mad, mad world is leading us in directions from which we can direct ourselves to other clearer  destinations.

For one, I am ready to declare that most of us seniors really are brighter, more incisive, clearer, better informed, wiser, more directed, wiser than we think.  We don’t have to be influenced by all the insanity of a world so fraught with anger, stupidity, uniformed information, persons whose goals are set in their behalf and none other, filled with the stupor of stupidity, characterized by thoughtlessness, motivated by mindless matters. Extricating from such as this is the mandate before us.  Deciding we are trapped within it and by it is not our fate.  Realizing there are enough brain cells still operative, we can withstand and hold back the invasion of ignorance and thickheadness. 

We are wiser, smarter, more alert than we think. We need not be manipulated by the influences that would invade, rule and overwhelm us.  We are quicker than that.  We can withhold, withstand, fight back those treacherous tendencies which would trap us in mindlessness.  We can be better than that.  We can exceed that.  We can overcome the enemies of reason, the barricades that would prevent our scaling the walls of total idiocy.  It is time we began to think, for ourselves, to decide with our own mental capacities, to overcome with reason and goodness, and put down the intoxicating and brain dead motivations of persons without the capability of reason.

This is where we are.  Surrendering to cowardly weakness is no excuse.  Giving in to just being dumb is “just being dumb.”  We are an elderly group of people who have advantages of education, influences of insight, thoughtful considerations that enable our understanding the world in which we live.  We are a part of a time when we can excel beyond our wildest and widest imagination.  We are they who have enough capacity to salvage us in the very middle of the most catastrophic of moments we have yet known.  It will take resolution and willingness, strength and wherewithal, tenacity and toughness.  But we are they who can prompt those very feelings and capabilities and strength.  We are the ones who can use the smarts of our minds, the steadiness of our stability, the dedication of our spirits to overcome what might be and prepare ourselves for what can be and will be.  This is how smart we are.  This is how well we are equipped to think.  This is how we can influence what our world will be as we engage whatever is out there ahead of us.

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