Seniors: Are you Immune to Conspiracies?

Feb 17th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

If you are one of those who grabs at every new and threatening conspiracy that comes along, maybe it is time to examine what is driving your point of view.  They are a major market force in news shots and spots these days.  Some, so called commentators, are making a fiercesome business of espousing, promoting and manhandling conspiracies to the benefit of their own motives:  pocketbooks and ratings. 

If our world is as bad off as some suggest, perhaps it is time to start packing, for what and to go where really doesn’t matter.  We are caught in a web of going and getting no where so long as the fear and hate and stir it up crowd has anything to say.  And, they seem to say a lot.  Whether it is based on anything of substance or truth is another thing.  Whether it leads to anywhere that offers a better place for us to be is mightily doubtful.  It seems that the goal is just to stir the pot.  For those who do so, the pot and the heat under it is the aim.  Keep the pot just hot enough to keep folk, who are inspired by fear and worry, coming back for more of whatever is in the pot.  Pot lickers are aplenty.  Pot stickers are not isolated to China or Japan.  They are everywhere.

  • Being immune to conspiracies means trying on some objectivity and allowing some clear thinking and evaluating. 
  • Being immune means turning down the volume. 
  • Being immune means ignoring the spitters and chewers who spit and chew everything for as long as they can. 
  • Being immune is deciding that there are really some very trustworthy and confident leaders out there, not just folk who are cooking up another brew for the pot. 
  • Being immune means you are still capable of thinking and evaluating and listening and deciding for yourself. 

Believe it or not the world is not coming to an end by sliding off some self imagined and boisterously created disaster whomped up by pot stirrers.  It will be around so long as there are still those who give credence to rational thought, reason of mind, and unafraid spirits.  Care to join me?

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