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Top Concerns of Senior Citizens

With Medicare and Social Security hanging in the balance, are seniors going to be okay? It appears that the answer to this is both unclear and indefinite.  Those who march in support of Medicare and the Obama Plan seem to feel that it is critical to keep these programs in place.  Those who oppose, seem to fear the so called “socialist implications” of state controlled and managed health systems.  On the one hand there is concern over long term care needs of the many.  On the other, there is paranoia and suspicion guiding their fear.

Frankly, having been the beneficiary of Medicare for several years now, the benefits of that in our retirement have been enormous and useful. Today, I am recovering from a corneal transplant, done only this week.  Medicare will assist in meeting the cost.  Our supplemental policy has been a  lifesaver both for medical and prescription needs.  Referrals have always been honored. Access to the physician I have chosen and am comfortable with has never been an issue.  So, where’s the rub?

Fairness for Seniors

Part of the conundrum in which we are caught is the political influence and battles that continue to predominate.  This will likely get no better, unless our politicians get better, and the prospect of that seems quite far off.

Human beings continue to try to organize themselves around the principles of living in a society and a culture in which the majority benefit and the minority doesn’t get left out.  The more the latter is excluded, the greater the conflict becomes for generating fairness.  The  more those who struggle to make ends meet, the more the disparity grows.

Health and health care is basic. How our government chooses to resolve the issues surrounding its being available to all our citizens has been a long term issue.  Harry Truman was among the earlier presidents to take it on.  It has continued to be a practical and ideological issue over the years.  Meanwhile, people still have health needs and medical demands.  Meanwhile, politics continues to wrestle with means.  The reality is that need and means will continue to be the essence of the struggle.  The hope is that compassion and integrity can offer hope for a fair outcome.
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