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Seniors Support Veterans

Reports indicate that the numbers of veterans committing suicide continue to rise.  The finger of shame and guilt points to Veteran Affairs and a lack of attention to Veteran medical need. It is a sad and compelling indictment.  The New Patriotism needs to be more than signing petitions and marching with placards.  Today’s patriots need to be proactive in behalf of veterans and their families.  Support systems that are not following their mandate to work in behalf of veterans need to be called to accountability.

A new patriotism is one that offers comfort, solace, support, intervention, and all kinds of active support for veterans who willingly serve, often many tours of duty.

It is more than a travesty that so many veterans sink into despair and despondency when the nation for which they have fought so valiantly ignores them. It is time that Americans in great numbers stand tall for those whose injuries and handicaps and disabilities, have rendered them unable to fight anymore.  We need to fight for them.

So, it is not only a government agency that needs to be called to account; it is all of us who blithely go about our daily lives without realizing the pain, emotional and physical, that many veterans are experiencing.

Pragmatic Action is Necessary

If waving the flag or reciting the Pledge is a priority, translate that need into pragmatic patriotism that seeks to show care, compassion and active support for wounded veterans.

No more false sentimentality, please.  Let us stand for those whose lives have been all but taken from them because of wars waged and service rendered.  If you know a veteran who has returned and is experiencing difficulty because of injuries sustained:

+Let them know of your support.
+Find out what practical support you can offer.
+Contact Veteran’s Affairs, let them know of your interest in a specific  case.
+Call, write, email your Congressman and Senator. Appeal to them for assistance.
+Recruit others to join your efforts.
+Be there to continue to encourage a favorable outcome.
+Contact local officials who may join your cause for one of their constituents.
+Identify persons in your circle of friends, organizations to make helping Disabled veterans a priority.
Let everyday be Veterans’ Day.

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