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Health Care for All

The Affordable Health Care Act is now law, affirmed constitutional by the Supreme Court.  We aren’t sure how long it will be so, with the resistance provided by those who so vehemently oppose it.  But, for now it is law.  It is so because 5 of the Supreme Court Justices endorsed its major provisions.  It is so because the Chief Justice joined those five.  It is so because in the face of attempts to derail it, reason prevailed.

Illness and poor health may now have a chance at being defeated.  In spite of those who would deny the opportunity of protection against the ravages of illness and poor health, there is now hope and encouragement.  Compassionate care has prevailed.

I am glad to have been identified with those who believe that humane considerations should be given a chance and offered to those whose lives would and could be miserable without it.  I am glad that America has chosen not to be counted among those nations who share no responsibility for those who fight the daily siege of pain and impending serious threats of terminal illness.

It is, like so many things, time for America to awaken to our responsibility to our fellow citizens.  It is time we awoke to the new reality that indifference is not indicative of a democracy that cares for its citizens.  It is time we raised our hands in salute of one another and volunteered to be there for those who, without help, won’t know the possible joys of living.

For those who have known desperate sickness, who have been debilitated because of lack of appropriate, necessary and ongoing care, it is time they had a chance to fight back the insidious ravages of illness and pain and hopelessness.  It is time children were cared for.  It is time the aging didn’t have to be so frightened about the attack of ill health on their lives.  It is time we took care of each other.  It is time we joined the long line of human beings who understand what it means to be there for the other.

Unite and Help One Another

Political discourse is no way to have us act out our filial connection with one another.  Expecting all people to always be able to care for themselves is a fallacy. There are desperate circumstances when one needs the outstretched hand of another.  Perhaps at last, we have been given that nudge to offer our own hand and to know there will be one there when we may need it.

People today are undergoing grave and terrible loss because of conditions beyond their control.  It is time we recognized that a sense of unity and camaraderie comes at times like these.  It comes when those who are still fortunate enough to reach out to those who need it do so.  It comes during disaster, sudden and massive disorder affects one’s existence.  It comes and it is then that we need to have in place the means to be there for one another.  No more delays or excuses. Now is our moment to be there for one another, no matter the conditions and demands.

In 1975, a number of us organized a new response effort in Omaha, Nebraska upon the devastating destruction of a major tornado.  We asked the question, when recovery had been addressed, “What about the daily disasters?”  Together, Inc.  was created to be there for all the ways people are confronted with despair in their lives.  It still is operating today.

It’s the same with the Affordable Health Care act.  Who knows what the need might be and when it might come.?

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