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How Do I Decide Whom to Support?

It may be too early to decide with whom you will dance, since the party hasn’t even started, but it is not too early to start filling out your dance card.  Trying out those who represent themselves as candidates for senior citizen affection is a well invested use of time.  Discovering whether they are fit on the dance floor, whether they are ambidextrous, know a variety of steps, can swing and sway, are in time with the music are all important discoveries.

On the other hand, just because they are good on the dance floor doesn’t mean they are fit to lead.  And, if you sit a while conversing, as the music plays, you may find that “way down deep they are real shallow.”

Litmus test politicians, in particular, seem to be little more than skin deep in their convictions, and, as a result,  in their articulation.

Probing a candidate’s true grit gives evidence to their being a person of quality, a potential states-person (as in statesman or woman), one who does not rehearse worn out lines and well accepted inanities, but someone who knows how to think and speak on his/her feet.

Politicians Full of Hot Air

Litmus test politicians are moved by the winds of folly, they speak up, but not always out, they listen little and pontificate much, they wave their gesturing fingers in the air, like that of an Elmer Gantry style evangelist. They don’t ask you to think, they suggest they can think for you.  They adopt causes and movements, much like a teenager does fads.  These politicians lack substance and the ability to stir the intellectual and political common sense of the crowd. They can stir the waters, but they can’t calm the seas.

During these coming months, sensitize your listening capabilities.  Read with judicious care.  Ask questions as you poke and prod and probe.  Think about the long term consequences of any of these who tout themselves being our leader. Imagine how they would behave in a situation requiring depth, insight, clarity, conviction.  What will history have to say about us and them, as it is played out?

The litmus test, as we know, doesn’t tell us everything.  Depend on more than a casual review of a person’s character, an individual’s ability, a candidate’s  assurances.  Give yourself the benefit of the doubt as you follow your own intuition and best judgment.

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