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Seniors and Social Media

Social media and the Internet are a conundrum for some seniors. However, increasingly, seniors are using the Internet for a variety of purposes… shopping, news, games for mental stimulation (and just plain fun!), and staying in touch with friends and the world in general. The latter is  what social media is all about, and seniors are participating.

Forbes recently reported that senior citizens are living longer, are more active and are becoming more literate online. Senior activity centers and groups focusing on senior activity abound with classes to learn to use computers and the Internet. We have not only become Internet-literate, we are enjoying the variety of stimulation our computers offer. Including social media.

Although not supported by references, some blogs report that the 74+ demographic is the fastest growing on the Internet. That is not hard to believe.  More than 50% of seniors today are Silver Surfers. And our surfing includes Facebook, Twitter and other social media venues.

Seniors More Literate Than Ever Before About Issues

Our use of social media includes staying abreast of political campaigns and issues during political seasons. We seniors are finding access to campaign websites, PAC information, what corporations/organizations/groups are supporting which candidates, fact-checking information and everything related to politics. We can listen to speeches by the President and by our local representatives. When a candidates says she is in favor of women’s rights, we can check her voting record to be sure her words are congruent with her history. And if we find they are not, we can share that information with our friends on Facebook and Twitter, with references to the facts. That is Senior Power like we’ve never seen it before!

As a result, we are more literate about politics than we have ever been before. And we share our literacy privately through emails and publicly on social media. Senior Citizen Journal (SCJ) is hopeful that this means more seniors voting in the November 2014 election. With the interest being displayed about politics on social media, the result should be greater numbers of seniors participating in the democratic process so critical to our country’s future.


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