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Two Sides to a Coin

Something can be said for a messy desk. It likely can be the sign of procrastination, which is a cousin to laziness, or promise, which is a nephew or niece of potential. If procrastination, it may be that under all that clutter and mishmash which makes up the surface of a desk, there lurks some good stuff in which is locked some really profound inspiration.  That also may just be rationalization at work, putting off again the occasion to do something about the mess.

Or, it may be promise.  It may be like kindling for a fire, that without it, there could be no blaze, no warmth, no light.  There must be some reason we keep all the stuff we do.  There must be some explanation why we think all those scribbled notes, kept quotes, unexplained and indecipherable notes were worth keeping.  Until one day, either through the provocation of another, e.g. spouse, friend or neighbor, the question is asked “What is all that stuff?”  Then you have received the nudge, or is it challenge, to do something about what appears a disorganized jumble to others, but is really a very well thought through system of filing for you.

My Property is MINE!

After all, haven’t you earned the right to keep your desk the way you want?  No teacher to tell you to put your books away, no sibling to remind you that you must share your space, no spouse or partner to urge you to be less disorganized.  This is the promised land…this space, set aside for all the stuff and things that are essential to my being.  Underneath all of this, which appears to others as disorder, untidiness, disarray is really the seed of an idea, a book, an article, an inspiration. How dare I intrude upon this holy ground?  Perhaps, one day I must or will.  But it will be with protest.

Perhaps, at some point the time will come when, searching for one of those lost gems, saved over the years,  the urge may strike to rearrange, make new piles, sort some of the flotsam and jetsam, remove an item or two.  Of course, it may also be that submitting to such nudges, there will also come the sudden flash, “but what if I should need that?” Then the rush to judgment will be discouraged and most of what was there will remain there to await another day of procrastination or promise.

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