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Worry is Useless

Worry is one of the most insidious of enemies to confront Seniors. Usually, as most older persons have learned, it does little to address any issue and only makes matters worse for the older worrier.  Prodded by some imaginary concern, the elder adult finds that ruminating over the matter ties one up in knots.  What can be done to keep from becoming too absorbed by worry?

Here are some simple tips for seniors to manage worrying:

  • Change the subject.  Whatever you seem to be worrying about, decide right away to move away from thinking about it and allowing it time and attention in your daily routine.
  • Whatever or whoever contributes to a worrisome state should be avoided.
  • Asking yourself the question, “What can I really do about it?”  may help to put the matter in perspective.
  • If it is an issue of long standing, try to identify the whereabouts of its origin and root it out.  If, in this amount of time, you haven’t solved it, you likely won’t.
  • Divert yourself to wholesome, healthy and stimulating thoughts and ideas that push aside the temptation to worry.  Replace worry with productive thinking.
  • If worrying becomes an obsession, find someone with whom you can talk it out of your system.
  • Worrying usually takes on several identities:   concern over money, health, family, relationships.  Deal with the issue in ways that will remove the cause of worry and move on with your life.
  • Create a variety of positive influences on your daily life that will introduce positive dynamics in your day to  day living.

Finally, when the seed of worry is planted,  proactively interfere with its presence in ways that will discourage its growth and presence.

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