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Thoughtfulness Reaps Rewards for Seniors

Have you ever been around someone who is inconsiderate, focused more on themselves than others, intent upon their own needs being met before others?  Thoughtless people are to be avoided if at all possible. They create environments that are designed to serve themselves.  Their principal motivations are focused on their needs, desires, wants, habits. Not a lot of fun to be around them. If the subject of conversation is centered on them, then  they are satisfied.  If not, woe be to those who are in the way.

Good fortune occurs when the nature of those who surround us is more geared toward the thoughtful.  A good-natured person is one who is thoughtful, who considers others, who behaves politely and appropriately.  Such persons are to be sought, praised, enjoyed, reinforced, emulated, admired.

While some persons, thoughtless by nature, may remember some practices that identify them as occasionally thoughtful, much of the time they revert to type.  Type is rude, disdainful, ill mannered, overlooking basic qualities of civil behavior.  On the other hand, thoughtful people can behave in a thoughtless manner on occasion, recognize what happened, and apologize for the poor choice.

One might go to a thesaurus to find the words that characterize either personality type.  So far, in this article, I haven’t come to that.  Depending how long I can prevail on your attention, I may be forced to.   Were we in a conversation seeking synonyms for thoughtless, I might be tempted to pull out a Roget’s to dig for additional characterizations.

Thoughtful Behavior for Senior Citizens

Thoughtfulness, however, is the kind of quality that does not require digging for ways to expand and enlarge its meaning.  It is mostly evident in behavior, in choice of language, in genteel kindness, in graceful consideration. Politeness, for example, is a classic identifying mark of a thoughtful person.  Opening a door, helping a lady across a threshold, helping your seat mate at dinner to a chair, carrying packages or purses or bags while shopping. The possibilities are numerous and open to the one whose eyes are keen for a way to be and behave thoughtfully.

Pushing a grocery cart down an aisle allows for the opportunity to stand aside.  Picking up something dropped for anyone who may have done so.  Doing the natural thing, in the presence of another, demonstrating  care, attention, readiness to assist is just the thing to do.  No argument with yourself.  No hesitation.  Just deliver with a touch of thoughtfulness, thus making another’s day and your’s as well.

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