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June 20-21, Longest Day of the Year

The year’s longest day tempts us with the offer to spend it in pursuit of a dream. What if all of life could be like the 21st of June every year?  What if every day could be longer, fuller, more?  What if all the wonders of living could be wrapped up in an extra long day when we are given the opportunity to explore and discover more?  What if our own stretching of a 24 hour day, like the 20th or 21st of June, could become a daily undertaking, almost a habit, a discipline at least, that allows for new wonders and marvels and exciting possibilities?

While for some, limitations impose restrictions, for others a longer day can open doors, swing wide windows for discovering things never before known.   Deciding to live life as if everyday were the 21st of June means that you have a healthy imagination, an open attitude about how to live life as an adventure.  Too many of us build walls around our days, expecting today to be like yesterday, assuming tomorrow will be nothing more than a repeat of what we have known before.

Seniors Welcome New Opportunity

Watching the sun rise, and set, can be one of those welcome moments when we realize that every 24 hours is our new gift to uncover a world of wonders.  When one comes to the realizations that today, this day, won’t be repeated again, that like so many days its uniqueness can only be enjoyed once, then one is compelled to make it worthwhile, full, special.

When an eclipse occurs but every few hundred years, our curiosity is piqued, our awareness is sharpened, our desire to be there for this once in a lifetime occasion we seniors are demonstrating  our awareness of the wonders of the world and the infrequency of some of its miracles. Everyday something new and wonderful and previously unseen happens.  Every awakening introduces something we have never seen or done or realized before.  Take advantage of it, before it flies away.  Seize upon it before it scurries into the past.  Enjoy it while it is yours.

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