Senior Romance and Bliss: Qualities for Staying Young

Feb 14th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Happy Valentine’s Day!  And, now, Ladies and Gentleman, those of an age when it still feels good to be hugged, embraced, kissed, smooched, affirmed, and made to feel young again, take advantage of today and build on its expressions every day hereafter. 

For those who believe that the older ones among us have no idea what it is to create or receive the spark of romance, just pay attention to us sometime.  Notice how many times a day we tell our significant other how much we love them.  Look at how we hold hands as we take a stroll.  Be aware of the gleam in our eyes, as we sit across a table from each other.  Listen to our whispers, the sweet nothings, the affirming comments we make as we sit together.  Watch us in the concert hall or the movie theatre as we sit together.  Some of us have reached the 50 year mark together, others longer than that, some are still joyfully climbing to celebrate those special occasions.

Whatever our expressions to and with each other, they are representative of deep and precious bliss.  We are happy and content because we are together.  We have discovered a secret of longevity, of good days and sublime nights.  We love being observed by our children and their children and told that they want to be like us when they reach our ages. We become exhilarated when we are told that younger persons wish to share our company.  There is something, it seems, contagious about our behavior, our infectious caring for one another.

When days find us holding off illness or worrying some about the condition of the other, let us be reminded how powerful the source of healing which comes from love really is.   Today is special. But it is always special for those who enjoy and experience every day with your special other.  Today, let romance flower and bliss flow between and within you.  Allow the youth of loving someone for the first time again be the thrill that makes this day one more of the happiest you have ever known.

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