Senior Resolutions: Ten Ways to Make a Difference in 2011

Dec 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

What would make you feel better about yourself as you approach a new year? What could possibly impact your life in a way that you would feel that your day to day living could make a lasting impression upon others?

Here are ten ways that may suggest options for your being a hero or heroine to others as the new year unfolds:

First: Believe that you have the capability to offer to someone else a gift of inestimable value. What do you mean? Gifts of presence (not presents) to persons who need care and compassion as they undergo struggles, pain and deeply felt hurts that only love can cure.

Second: Persons all around us are going through the most agonizing pain that can be imagined. Create for them a level of comfort, a possibility of hope, a chance for improvement. Unemployed, ill, lonely, incurable, financially at odds with recovery, and on and on and on……what can we do to be present to them?

Third: Students who have graduated and find no promise or prosepct for employment.  Is there anyway we can be a bridge that will assist them to connect with tomorrow?

Fourth: Unwed mothers who want to keep their child, but must face what it means to have resources sufficient to care for that child.

Fifth: Unemployed families who have lost their homes and their hope for making it from today to tomorrow and beyond.  What can I do to make a difference in their circumstances?

Sixth: How can I be present to all the persons I know who are undergoing the loss of all their senses of purpose, hopes for a better tomorrow, cure for their hurts, pains and disease? If there is no way I can be present, then what can I do to provoke the presence of resources that may help them?

Seventh: What can be done to help the father who wants to  offer and provide help to his family: food, transportation as needed, a roof over all the heads,  warmth upon retiring, joy when the family can be free to experience it?

Eighth: On the bus or other common transportation are persons who are carrying the weight of their own load from work to home.  What can I do to lessen their load?

Ninth: When I think my own troubles and problems are so great, what can I do to recognize how small they are compared to the heaviness that others must carry? 

Tenth: Is there any such thing as my being able to finally discover that the needs of others are greater than the selfishness of my own?  Please, help me to grasp how much I gain by losing my own cares and desires in behalf of others being helped to have theirs?

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