Senior Resolutions: Is It Worth the Bother?

Dec 30th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Edging all the more closely to year’s end, with the prospect of making resolutions, the question looms: Is It Worth the Bother?

Frankly, it depends. It depends on the seriousness with which the exercise is approached; it depends on whether there is a back up means for encouragement; it depends upon your own track record for keeping with something that you have vowed to do.

So, let’s peek inside to see what may be the likelihood of your keeping your commitments.

Do you follow up on agreements or promises made to others? If so, score 25 points.  Think about what you’ve agreed to and didn’t do.  Think about what you agreed to, and did do.  That’s the kind of issue we’re talking about here.

Do you develop means for being reminded to stay with a discipline of exercise, keeping debt down, paying attention to details? If so, score 15 points.  Do you make a plan to exercise, or paydown debt, or do something that’s been on your plate for a long time, and then follow through and complete the plan?  Or do you let it slide and make excuses?

Do you invite others to encourage you to live up to what you have said you will do? If so, score 10 points.  This one suggests the need to include close friends and family in your plans to improve your life.  Do you draw trusted friends and family into your plan?  Or do you keep people out so you don’t have to be accountable?

Do you take seriously recommendations by physicians when they advise you to lose weight, exercise more, drink less, quit smoking, etc.? If so add 25 points.  Following your physician’s recommendations makes good sense.  Not following them means you don’t want to make the commitment to better health.  It’s your choice.

Now, when last you made a commitment to yourself, how well did you do in seeing it through? If excellent, score 25 points. If poor subtract 50 points.  Follow through is the most important part of making a plan to improve your health. 

It’s your choice.

Based upon this program, you now have a 50-50 chance of success. It all depends on you.

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