Senior Resolutions: Clean and Clear Thinking

Dec 27th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Christmas, after all its preparations and inspirations, has a way of slipping by too quickly.  But then, just as quickly we are met with considering wrestling with our resolutions for the new year.  For some of us senior citizens, because we’ve done this so many times over the decades, we discard or forget our well-intentioned resolutions.  Let’s try on a few this week that may offer reason to be resolute in our choices. 

Clean and Clear Thinking is our first of several suggestions. 

Making the choice to have your mind free of cumbersome thoughts, clear of distracting information; clean in its content is a good way to manage one’s attitudes, behaviors and interactions.  It is also a good way to create a backdrop for the new year, allowing for a better frame of mind as whatever 2011 offers unfolds. 

Creative thinking opens corridors for new and magnificent explorations into avenues of adventure and unexplored ideas.  It gives credence to breaking free from the same old patterns.  We seniors easily fall into habit traps that dull our lives.  Creative thinking encourages permission for life to be fuller, freer, and more surprising. 

Next year, at this time what will you have done differently throughout the year to have made the year better for you and all you had planned?  One year from now, when you are reciting how the year went, how will you evaluate whether it was guided by clean and clear thinking?  Twelve months later, will you be able to  inventory your behaviors, your plans, your hopes in a way that made for a better year?

One way to assure your having clean and clear thinking in the new year is to establish a series of expectations that will help induce such thinking.  One way to back up the resolve is to exercise the resolutions just as you exercise your body.  One way to be certain that clean and clear thinking is in process is to have a means for monitoring how you are doing.   Allow others to check up on you.  Give yourself permission to make a written list of what feels better about the choices you make, the behaviors you engage in, the interactions shared with others.  Permit yourself to think more about things beyond yourself than about your own self centered needs.  Give yourself encouragement by acting on those thoughts and decide how much of that thinking creates a better disposition for you. 

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