Senior Resolutions: Celebrating Birthdays Differently

Dec 29th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

With a new year ahead of us, one of the inevitables, if we are still around, is another upcoming birthday. Because my own is celebrated on December 31, I will need to wait an entire year. Yours, however, may fall somewhere between now and then and offers occasion to evaluate the shape of your life and what is required in its management.

Celebrating Birthdays Differently really has little to do with cake and ice cream. Rather it allows considering that as one’s birthday approaches so does the opportunity for taking inventory, choosing wisely among those things which need to be kept current, staying ahead of the curve balls that are thrown our way as we age.

Make your birthday or the days ahead of it a time to consider the following:

Evaluate your portfolio. Using a trusted financial adviser, probe the picture of your financial health. Study what needs to be done to correct any of your investments. Work toward a clear and clean understanding of how your finances will take care of you for the next X number of years.

Look into your Life Insurance. Is it adequate? Are there places where changes might/could be made without being too costly? Are you satisfied with your beneficiary arrangements?

Are you up to date with all your legal affairs? Is it time to determine whether/if/how/what changes might be desirable; think of tings like your will, any trust arrangements, medical power of attorney, financial power of attorney?

Regarding health matters, are you sheduled for an annual physical for the new year? How long has it been since your last exam? What issues are you particularly concerned about? Are you happy with your physician? Will it be likely that specialists will need to review your situation?  What are you doing with the vast opportunities for preventive medical care? 

Do you have an Advanced Directive? Do specific individuals, within your family, know what your desires are? Are they aware of where you keep information to which they may need to be privy?

Are your plans for a service (if any) upon your death made? If not is it time to do so? If so, are specific persons aware of where that information is kept?

Have you and your significant other, if any, made an inventory of specific items you wish shared among family and friends? Is that information available to others?

As you anticipate your birthday, begin to make your own list of matters which you wish to be made current and relevant to your situation. All of us undergo changes which make it necessary to go through our own periodic evaluation of details to be sure they are as we wish them.

What better time than your birthday to go about this task?

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