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Relaxing is Restorative

There is something to be said for quiet days and clear minds.  There are too many occasions when interferences invade.  When the luxury of days that offer serenity and solemnity come, it is a time to take advantage. Quiet days are those times of luxury when the house is empty and the only sounds are  occasional  ones introduced from out side, a bird, a jet flying over at 33k feet, an infrequent car passing by.  All the rest is relaxing silence and an invitation to read something that contributes even more to the quiet of the day.

These are times for allowing your spirit to be at ease, your body to be totally relaxed, your mind to be uncluttered. There is much to be said for such opportunities.  They do not come our way often enough.  When they do, taking advantage of them is a clear signal that such is needed and such is required for putting you and all that is going on in your world at rest.

We may not do this enough.  But catching just the right moment when it can happen depends on your own readiness and willingness.  When the signs suggest you are about to be in the middle of a quiet number of hours, then prepare for it.  If necessary, remove or unplug the phones from hearing range, draw the draperies, discourage any sign that you are available.

Engage in your favorite relaxation exercise.  Meditate.  Pray.  Do whatever you enjoy that takes advantage of  quietude.  Give yourself permission to be free of any demands, any sounds, devoid of any interest in anything but having a quiet day and a clear mind.

Cultivate Quietness

Such unusual opportunities deserve to be cultivated.  Such times need to be allowed.  There is too much about our world that produces loud and rancorous noise, uninvited chaos, unwelcomed interruptions. Leaving off the sounds that come by way of devices designed to create a major uproar in your mind is okay.  Nothing suggests that sound is superior to quiet.  Nothing demands that we must be available to any attempt to disturb us.  Nothing is more important than our own need to be free of cataclysmic noise.

In the dentist’s office the other day, while waiting in the chair, I longed to just be able to close my eyes and doze off.  But it was not to be.  Through the sound system came music that produced no serenity nor offered any moment for quiet contemplation.  The tooth problem was bad enough.  Add to that the sounds of unfamiliar “music” and one’s journey into quiet was denied.

Elevators, stores, even traffic stops seem to be places for imposing sounds that create undesirable noises.  Once in a while we are blessed with the sudden introduction of silence.  How blissful.  How lovely.  How rare.

So when the chance comes to engage in moments of solitude, welcome them.  Respect them.  Take advantage of them.  They come too seldom.  They are not appreciated enough.  Give your spirit a chance at having silent rejuvenation before something interferes with the privilege of your having a quiet day and a clear mind.

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