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Seniors Need Reminder Calendar

A trip to the dentist revealed that I was quite tardy.  My annual cleaning had gone by without notice, not procrastination just forgetfulness.  That revealed that my 91 year old mother also needed some dental attention.  While we were at it, eye check ups seemed to be immediately in the offing.  Most of the time reminders come by phone, email or card.  This time, somehow they were overlooked.

Thus, the need for nudges and reminders.  It really is our own responsibility to keep current.  All of us need to find the means for prompting our having all of the health related, and some other related, appointments set and met during the course of a year.

Items for a Reminder Calendar

Likely, a designated calendar, for those things that come up, needs to be put in a conspicuous place as our prompter.  Among the reminders that need to be put in bold face, a prominent color, a nudge to make sure we check it each week are these:

  • Annual physical and related tests that need periodic  repetition;
  • dental appointments for cleaning and necessary dental work;
  • eye examinations and
  • medical tests as necessary. In my case, for example, having had prostate cancer, I now must have an every six month check up for my prostate.  Persons who have had cancer or for whom it may be wise for other tests should have them scheduled accordingly.  Both women and men will need to stay aware of the exams and tests they should have to head off the potential for a surprise.
  • The annual check up should also be a time for reviewing all medications and prescriptions necessary for them.

Other less threatening details to care for during the course of a year include:

  • renewal of automobile license and auto registration;
  • in those states that require it, a smog or other inspection;
  • periodic servicing of the vehicle (watch the mileage);
  • frequent termite inspections on your home;
  • be aware of the whereabouts of warranties for appliances and other home equipment, e.g. hot water heater, furnace, etc. which may need servicing.
  • emergency supplies/equipment kept in safe place; be prepared in the event of an outage that could create major inconvenience;
  • be aware and check on the condition of your roof regularly;
  • check on insulation and its condition regularly;
  • check window caulking and the need for attention;
  • check outside water pipes and their insulation for winter;
  • check on adequate anti freeze for your car,  tire pressure, condition and age of battery.

If all this sounds too overwhelming, call on a friend or relative to assist you in caring for the basics. Get your calendar today, and begin creating your lists.  Being prepared is more than a Boy Scout motto.

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