Senior Moments: Mortality and Strength

Jul 21st, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The documentary which was so bravely done by Farrah Fawcett during her struggle with cancer was a lesson in confronting mortality with strength.  It is not a pleasant experience, but it is a powerful teaching and witnessing of how it can be faced.

She was barely a senior, but all the more reason to draw from her example the way to muster the strength to go through the “valley of the shadow.” Her own gentle tenderness and stalwart courage demonstrate how to meet pain and despair and heartache and separation.  She engaged  life to the very end.  It was not an easy passing, according to those who were nearby.  But, it was one she met with the grace of someone who had dealt with her issues and faced her final curtain.

There are others, many of us have known, who have done so well.  Death is a tough assignment, so tough that some will be reluctant to read this column through.  Choice in this,  as in all we face in life, remains ours to make.  How will we stir the stamina to face death head on, with grace, with the presence of mind of one who has reconciled all the issues, all the conflicts, all the doubts?

Perhaps it is timely, on occasion, for us to linger a moment or two, over our own mortality.  Not in a morbid way, surely.  But, it is a demonstration of good mental health to begin to sort out the issues of our own life and death.  For some, and perhaps appropriately so, there is no need to do such.  They are willing just to let happen what is going to happen. None should decry that. Dealing with death is a choice.

And, dealing with death, your own or that of someone dear, is a process through which we will all pass.  How we go about it, what adjustments and attitudes we wrestle with will be our own.  The goal of finding some special peace and serenity, solace and calm in coming to a state of grace regarding death is what, at last, we seek. 

Finding that starts when you are ready.  Knowing, in your own spirit, that you are all right with your state of mind will be illustrated in your day to day composure.

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