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The Thief: Macular Degeneration

Following a year and a half, March 27, 2012, the verdict is in.  For the fourth time I was the recipient of a cornea from a generous donor.  My eye had been besieged by a stroke and the ever present presence of cataracts.  During this time, ophthalmologists have tracked me very closely.  At one point there was evidence of rejection.  With the introduction of steroids, vision seemed to be stabilized.

Over that period there were days when my vision was crystal clear, experiencing vision, however, of 20/200.  That wasn’t what we had hoped for, but as good as we could get.

Finally, within the last month, a checkup indicated that macular degeneration had reared its ugly head. Hopes were dashed, since no correction was possible in that eye.  A trip to the retina specialist confirmed suspicions already indicated by my ophthalmologist and optometrist.  The macular degeneration had developed into a moderate to severe case.  Diagnosis, no treatment or cure.  Treatments, suggested however included vitamins and annual check ups.  No reversal in the condition can be anticipated.Elderly Doctor Office : Doctor comforting mature male patient

After patience and carefully following the guidance of the ophthalmologist, getting a daily regimen of eye drops, this was to be the outcome.  Not a happy or encouraging moment.  According to current science the availability of any improvement options were down to zero, none, nada.  Depth perception is affected.  Cloudiness comes and goes.  Some days are slightly better than others.

A lifetime of issues related to vision had climaxed in having severe AMD in my left eye and similar condition in my right. A prognosis not fraught with lots of hope and encouragement.

Some Hope on the Horizon

Then (here play the William Tell Overture) a heroine rides to the rescue.  Sharon, aka Lone Ranger, discovers a physician in Santa Fe who has developed the Santa Fe Protocol, which is designed to improve vision with AMD, Age Related Macular Degeneration.

More can be learned by going to  We are in the process of exploring the viability of this treatment.  It appears not to be another snake oil treatment, a promise for magical instantly improved vision, or total recovery of eye sight.  Testimonies suggest there has been, for those who have undergone the Protocol, some improvement.  A guarantee indicating a no charge if the treatment does not improve vision at least one line, e.g., 20/50 to 20/40, is offered.

At this point, we are not in a position to recommend this treatment. Anyone with AMD needs to work with their primary care physician and ophthalmologist; SCJ is not a medical office. We are only in the throes of determining whether or if this may be worth pursuing.  When my mother-in law was diagnosed with cancer a number of years ago, she took steps to head it off by making a trip to Greece for a treatment procedure.  It did not reverse the cancer.  But, as in the case of most when met with the maladies of aging, we seek, sometimes desperately, to find something that may work.

Since AMD affects the millions of aging who have it, you may want to do your own research in this matter.  We make no claims to its efficacy, just offer the availability that may be worth exploring.


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