Senior Living: Indifference is Not an Option

Sep 22nd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

With the rapid closing of the year, the taking of inventory of what has been accomplished is not out of the question.  Ere long, we will be looking down the barrel of another year, 2011.  And, with it we will stand amazed at how quickly this one has subsided into history.  What was it that I was going to do that I sloughed off?  How many of my many months ago goals have I reached? What am I prepared to do to evaluate what this next year, so soon to come, should be like?  It is, after all, all up to me.

Idly stepping from one year to the next is not recommended.  Indifference is not an option.  That is a sure fire way to lose the value of the most valuable thing we enjoy, day to day living, time unspent, hours laid out before us with opportunities to be and do and find new amazing opportunities for living. Allowing oneself to be captured by other controlling factors in our lives is a destructive way to capitalize on the huge gift of a 24 hour day.   

Decide to be free of the anxious burdens and terrible memories that divert energy from productive to down right despair.  Leave it behind you.  You have nursed it long enough.  It only gets better when you decide to make it better.  2011 is no mystery, it is a landscape of absolutely identifiable pleasure, laid out before you to choose what to do with it.  Indifference is not an option.

If there are concerns that require addressing, do them now.  Get that check up before the year ends.  Take care of that nagging secret frustration that you have harbored too long.  Listen to the sounds of urging that prompt you to take care of anything that may be troubling in your life.  Let the influences of your good side be prepared to discourage the dark side. Begin now identifying all the marvelous opportunities that await and are ready for you to grasp.  It is no surprise that life can be full, to the one who chooses it to be full.  It is no wonder that the wondrous invitations of day to day existence can be replete with satisfying discoveries. Having lived three score and more, this should be the year to open  the treasure chest of what can be a full and complete experience for the days to follow.   Get ready, for it requires intentional expectations to open yourself to welcome what lies ahead. 

Indifference is not an option.

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