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The Baby Boomer Lifestyle and Senior Living Communities

Baby Boomers today are beginning to consider downsizing their homes and the complications in their lives. Homes require a great deal of responsibility, care, and attention. Boomers today want to travel, explore, and play. The tiring responsibility of a large home and upkeep may no longer be appealing. Constant care and attention to lawn maintenance, house maintenance and high home tax is draining. That is one reason that senior living communities are becoming such attractive options for Boomers who are not ready to sit quietly in the corner knitting away their golden years. This leads many baby boomers to the question of what they should look for in a senior living community.

Lifestyle Considerations

More and more senior living communities are beginning to acknowledge that today’s seniors are more active than ever. Not only are they interested in a better quality of live but they also plan to squeeze out every ounce of fun from it. For this reason, it is important to find senior living communities that offer planned activities daily and weekly. The more activities and adventures you can enjoy in your golden years, the happier you will be. One common trend is to find senior living communities built on or around golf courses so Boomers can enjoy a daily or at least weekly round of golf.  Some Boomers prefer gardening activities, jewelry making classes, tennis, swimming, walking, yoga, Tai Chi, and even ballroom or  square dancing.

Traveling and experiencing all that life has to offer is a dream for many. The problem is usually the responsibilities that hold us in one place such as home ownership and home maintenance issues. Many Baby Boomers enjoy traveling a great deal. They do not want to have to stay home so they can shovel the walk, mow the lawn, and tend to the flowers at all times of the year. While these things may bring a baby boomer pleasure on occasion, a regimented lifestyle during retirement is not as appealing. They want to be able to fly off to Hawaii at the drop of a hat or visit the grandchildren for a week or two in winter.

Personal Space and Freedom

The other major consideration you should keep in mind as you check out retirement communities is the amount of personal space you need to feel comfortable. There is a bit of an adjustment when moving from a home of your own into a garden apartment in a senior living community.  Some might call it downsizing. To some degree it is. Most senior communities prefer to refer to it as “simplifying” your living arrangements. When you think about it, you are reducing the amount of home you must care for. That is not always a bad thing if you are interested in adopting a “no strings attached” lifestyle for your Golden years. Whether you are interested in the social and lifestyle aspects of senior living communities or more interested in downsizing your commitments as you approach your Golden years, Baby Boomers today have many great choices available for living the lifestyle they want to live in their retirement years.

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