Senior Health Tips: What Works for You

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Discovering a formula for healthy senior living that works for you on a daily basis is a very essential and important undertaking.  When you have reached what feels like a stabilized condition in your daily health habits, then you are at a good place to determine what you are doing right.  My  own experience in retirement has affirmed that there are several factors that need to be reinforced and given all the encouragement possible to continue at a healthy pace in my daily routines. 

Here are some useful hints:

>Start with a good night’s rest.  Allow your sleeping habits to be predictable and do not allow much variation in your going to bed time each night.

>”Watch  your diet.  Be sure you are eating a healthy diet which contributes to your energy level each day.  If necessary, eat four small meals a day to keep your metabolism in balance.

>Exercise.  Find some exercise that works for you.  In my case, four hours in the yard, our yard is 15 acres, will give you a better shot at keeping your heart pumping well, your blood pressure down, your muscle control greater.

>Do not surrender to “lazyitis.”  This is simply sitting too much, watching tv too much, staying in bed too long. 

>Discover those things that tire you emotionally and physically and try to avoid them.  This pertains particularly to doing things that leave you with an all over fatigued feeling.  If going shopping is one of these, don’t go!  Discover what works for you.

>Avoid alcohol.  No matter what, it usually has a negative impact on your day to day health.  Two cocktails may be the recommended minimum.  If so, drink one.  Best, however, to avoid it altogether.  I know all the arguments, however remember we are trying to define what works for you.  This requires being honest.

>Allow for relaxation.  This means determining what really gives you a chance to let everything else go.  For me, floating in the pool for an hour, while the weather is good, is a wonderful way to clear the mind, give priority to an all over good feeling of total relaxation.  Some will choose other means, such as yoga, exercise gyms, etc.  Whatever works for you!

>Absolutely avoid stress.  Whatever introduces stress in your life, find ways to eliminate it.  If it has to do with a relationship, then find a way to address it.  If it has to do with a specific anxiety created by money, other matter of fact issues, find ways to alleviate it.  If it is unknown, perhaps some kind of prescribed medication may be required.  Some of us can’t defeat all our demons alone. 

So, if you want to feel better and stay feeling that way daily, here are some tips.  Our day starts with a leisurely hour of quiet and that includes writing this article.  A walk with the dogs enables good breathing exercises and getting the heart rate up.  The walk includes my spouse and me talking about our lives, our day’s plans, what we found in our first hour awake.  Your own routine will eventually give you a sense of what works for you.  When it does, keep up the discipline of allowing yourself to enjoy the increasing number of good days.  It is well worth it!

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  1. Great tips! “Lazyitis” is definitely a real thing, but I don’t think a doctor could diagnose it. Exercise, watching diets, and avoiding alcohol and just plain relaxing are all great tips. Thank you for sharing, there is always good information here!

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