Senior Friendships: Among Our Best Friends

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They may or may not know just how special they are.  They may or may not realize the magnanimous gifts of sensitivity, genuine caring, thoughtful appreciation they have shared with us.  They are jewels, brighter than the sun.  They are precious, more luscious than the brook that runs by their Colorado home.  They are stronger than the horses they allow us to ride through the mountain sides near their home.  They are friends, family, precious, loving, caring human beings who have allowed us full welcome into their lives.

Time rushes by and we still know when we speak or share or communicate our special and exclusive words of affection that they are genuine, reserved, set aside only for them. Even their names are poetry… Joyce and John.  They are animal lovers, but they are also lovers of the earth, caretakers of felines, rescue dogs, beautiful horses they share with others.  They are the beauty of the earth, the glory of nature, the wonder of the sky, the fullness of sharing with friends and family with whom they give themselves fully.

Such are hard to find.  Such are treasures that bring fulfillment with every encounter.  Such are persons whose lives give and give and never stop sharing the riches of who they are and how they take you in and what part of themselves they are always ready to give away. Who they are is what they are.  They are persons who sparkle with love.  They are humans who understood long ago and understand now what it means to embrace and share and  open themselves to others.

There is no way to count the number of very special acquintances they could number.  At their 50th wedding anniversary celebration, the ballroom was overwhelmed with persons who testified to friendship, loyalty, good feelings, wonderful affirmations of people who had known and counted them among the special friends in their lives.  We were there.  We were among the select.  We were thrilled.  We were, we knew, loved.

When the count is made, there is no way to come up with a true count of those who deserve to be among those whose presence in our lives means as much as people like John and Joyce. The things they have done, the ways they have expressed their affection.  The times they have been there for us.  The kindnesses they have shown.  The deep down, we know they mean it, caring they always render always comes through.

A phone call speaks volumes.  A few words of caring and tenderness always lets them know, and they us, how utterly devoted we are to one another.   These are the special moments and gifts and treasures which come with long time friendship and commitment.  It will never go away.  They will always offer wonders of friendship which we know we mutually share.  Thanks is such a weak word to let them know how utterly and completely our companionship has meant and continues to be for us.

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