Senior Drivers: Alert and Quick Responses Necessary for Driving

Jun 3rd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

We have just completed an 1100 mile trip across Texas, New Mexico and southern Arizona.  It was a harrowing trip. Semi-truck and automobile traffic  was heavy.  Worse yet, the indifference and oblivious attention many drivers pay to their  habits and other’s safety is scary.   Every moment requires alert and quick response to what’s going on all about you.  On  this trip we encountered no fewer than four close calls, none of them created by us, but all of them requiring evasive action to avoid a serious collision. 

In each case, the driver of the other vehicle was guilty of actions that were potentially extremely dangerous: i.e. delivery truck failing to yield to traffic as he entered the interstate from an on-ramp; vehicle speeding in inside lane on our left when we were attempting a left-hand turn ; truck with dangerous load edging across center lane and into ours; and last, avoiding, which we didn’t, road debris, which did minor, but scary, damage to our vehicle. 

With the heavy increase of interstate traffic, it is becoming more and more essential that defensive driving be the rule and not the exception.  Any risks taken which do not consider the other driver, as well as your own safety, may eventuate in a terrible tragedy.  Cell phone conversations can wait; any distractions while driving, fatigue, these can all contribute to possible sudden surprises.

In one case, while exiting the city of Tucson, we were suddenly aware of road debris slamming into our car at the right front area near the wheel and tire.  The sound was quite loud.  Two cars in front of us pulled off the road.  When we stopped we noted some minor damage, which was repaired at no cost by the Toyota dealer.  Where does such debris originate?  How, in the rush of  traffic, does one avoid such sudden and unexpected surprises? The cars nearest this debris were fortunate that no more serious consequences occurred.  It was there and then it was gone.  We have no idea how anyone behind us may have been impacted. It was our good fortune that there was no more serious damage to person or vehicle.  Had someone taken evasive action to another lane, there could have been a pile up that included many vehicles. 

When arriving home, we reviewed the several experiences we had.  Of course, we were grateful to be able to do so without having to report any horror stories to us or others.  The whole trip was just a reminder of how critical it is to be constantly alert, aware and quick in responses while on the road.

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